At Ross Business Management, our clients come first. We were founded in response to the needs voiced by our small business community, and exist for the sole purpose of helping those small businesses reach a whole new level of success. Our clients include professional service firms, retail businesses, food-service businesses, architectural firms, construction companies, touring and recording artists, radio and TV personalities, actors and athletes.  

I was not sure what to expect when I first hired RBM. I had never worked with an accountant or a book keeper, and I was somewhat terrified to go through a whole year of business finances that I had managed with little organization. The biggest benefit I got out of working with RBM was that they were so knowledgeable, incredibly understanding, and non-judgmental while helping me manage my finances. Kate and Joanna were exceptionally patient, and I felt immediately comfortable with their willingness to work with a small business that is non-traditional. I found working with RBM completely worthwhile, and I am constantly recommending people to RBM. I thought that the biggest obstacle was going to be the cost, but the value in the start up package, which included training me on Quickbooks and setting up a great system to track my invoices, was well worth it. I feel that through this experience I learned that I am in control of my business and I can do what I love.

-Torie Partridge, Cherry Blossom Creative


I had been in business for two years before I heard of RBM. I am not a numbers or a math person, and I was looking for someone who could set my finances up for me and give me a hard structure to work with to stay organized. What I needed was someone to give me a holistic vision of the health of my business and tying together my revenue sources. I am all about convenience, and was happy to invest in the start up package because I knew it would keep me organized in the long run.  The biggest benefit to working with RBM is that I now feel like a true business owner rather than an artist who happens to be making money doing what I love. My operations became more viable. I have a baseline to make bigger decisions for me, and now I don’t have to worry about making sure my finances are in line. As a small business owner, I felt at ease working with RBM, and that they could relate to me and partner with me. The one on one contact was huge – meeting in person helped relieve the possibility of stress, and being about to reach out to RBM with questions even after my training was completed is amazing.

-Lauren Friedman,; Regular monthly contributor Lucky Magazine