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recite-1gnjab7 The best leaders know the power of storytelling. Sharing succinct, authentic stories about your experiences is a great way to build trust and to drive your message home. When leaders let their defenses down and share errors, missteps and mess-ups, they not only gain greater credibility; they also teach more. To read more, visit the story here!

Music Monday: Camille Cushman

Photo courtesy of Camille Cushman and Rinsed.it For today's RBM Music Monday, we bring you Camille Cushman: Fordham grad and NYC-based total boss-lady in the music industry. Camille started her career strong, working in film/TV on shows like Jerry Springer and music videos for rappers including Jim Jones and Dipset. Soon after, she moved on to adopt the role of Elektro Daily's Lifestyle Editor, and has since bounced between various internship roles (Pacha NYC) and writing gigs (InTheMix, LessThan3, Nest HQ, Insomniac) that she still maintains, on top of a now-permanent position at Magnum PR.

Coming from Camille herself, "I just hustle." We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Listen to Camille's tunes-of-choise on Soundcloud here.

Music Monday: Darku J

Courtesy of Darku Jarmola From Oklahoma to New York and back, Darku J has made techno waves across the country. He's behind one of Tulsa's longest running dance music parties, "House Party" at Electric Circus, and was also lucky enough to spend a stint in NYC between 2013 and 2014, becoming a staple part of Girls & Boys party at Webster Hall - according to Darku, "Hanging out in NYC with the Girls & Boys crew really helped me get a better understanding on how to properly throw a party...big or small."

Now, Darku is back in Oklahoma and up to big things, such as starting an electronic music collective entitled "U Don't Dance" (although we hope they do) along with other essential Tulsa-based DJs and producers. Darku's sound is hard-hitting and definitely not for the faint of heart, so give a listen to some of his original tracks below, along with some tunes he's been playing out to the Oklahoma crowd.

Follow Darku J on Soundcloud here.

Music Monday: David Rishty

This week, David Rishty has presented us with an eclectic playlist coming from an even more eclectic man, in terms of his work experience, at the least. Despite his academic background (via New York University) in film and television, David has been swimming continuously deeper into the undulating waters of the dance music industry. Photo courtesy of David Rishty.

He got his start by creating a music blog (now known as The Electronic Current), and eventually became Assistant Editor of another (EDMTunes). David's passion for documenting nightlife events and industry-related happenings lead him to becoming a trusted musical connoisseur, to the point where he had gained enough  insight and credibility to oversee music submissions for EDMTunes as well as become Artist Manager for the Sweden-based progressive-house artist OLWIK. Mind you, this all occurred during David's academic career - not to mention during his various professional internships, which included Atlantic Records, and more recently, Disruptor Management at Sony. If you ever thought you were busy getting your life together during college, think again.

Enjoy this totally comprehensive playlist that David has presented us at Ross Business Management with, and keep your ears open for his name in the future.

Follow David Rishty on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/daverishty

Music Monday: Ashlyn Fulton

10502235_10204167519771501_5823204280503635195_n Today, we celebrate RBM Music Monday with California native and fellow music industry hustler, Ashlyn Fulton. Ashlyn has been a valued contributor to the dance music publication Daily Beat for several years, more recently adopting the title of Publicity Director on top of regularly writing incredibly well-researched articles and curating interviews for the site. In 2015, Ashlyn also aided in the launch of the NYC Bass Collective, handling marketing and social media for the record label.

Besides working a 9-to-5 on top of her music industry associations, Ashlyn is a trained hair colorist and stylist, pulling off cotton-candy colored hair that's almost as vibrant as her smile. She's curated a list of current tunes for us to explore, with releases from Australia's Alison Wonderland to NYC Bass Collective's Monikkr.

Follow Ashlyn Fulton on her Soundcloud here.