Music Monday: Raury

While a haze has been swarming around the enigmatic rapper for a little while, Raury's latest release caught our eyes (and ears). The 19-year-old Stone Mountain, GA native has developed a style all his own. Combining soul, hip hop and soul, Raury weaves his own poetry around these myriad of styles. First gaining attention in 2014 for the mixtape Indigo Child, 2015 looks to be his year. Take a listen below, specifically to his most recent and our favorite, "demo1: the sea," snd hear why we're swooning.

Music Monday: Camille Cushman

Photo courtesy of Camille Cushman and For today's RBM Music Monday, we bring you Camille Cushman: Fordham grad and NYC-based total boss-lady in the music industry. Camille started her career strong, working in film/TV on shows like Jerry Springer and music videos for rappers including Jim Jones and Dipset. Soon after, she moved on to adopt the role of Elektro Daily's Lifestyle Editor, and has since bounced between various internship roles (Pacha NYC) and writing gigs (InTheMix, LessThan3, Nest HQ, Insomniac) that she still maintains, on top of a now-permanent position at Magnum PR.

Coming from Camille herself, "I just hustle." We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Listen to Camille's tunes-of-choise on Soundcloud here.

Music Monday: Darku J

Courtesy of Darku Jarmola From Oklahoma to New York and back, Darku J has made techno waves across the country. He's behind one of Tulsa's longest running dance music parties, "House Party" at Electric Circus, and was also lucky enough to spend a stint in NYC between 2013 and 2014, becoming a staple part of Girls & Boys party at Webster Hall - according to Darku, "Hanging out in NYC with the Girls & Boys crew really helped me get a better understanding on how to properly throw a party...big or small."

Now, Darku is back in Oklahoma and up to big things, such as starting an electronic music collective entitled "U Don't Dance" (although we hope they do) along with other essential Tulsa-based DJs and producers. Darku's sound is hard-hitting and definitely not for the faint of heart, so give a listen to some of his original tracks below, along with some tunes he's been playing out to the Oklahoma crowd.

Follow Darku J on Soundcloud here.

Music Monday: Snails



Today's #MusicMonday playlist goes out to Snails - the curator of "Vomitstep", heavy hitting 808's can only give off a description of being "Snail-ey". Coming off of the huge release of his "SNAILEDIT! Mix Vol. 2 'Welcome to Slugz City' a little over a week ago, and his new major collaboration with the one and only Big Gigantic 'Funk With Me' - released two days ago - this playlist is some of his most recent inspiration for these heavy hitting bangers.


FB: IG: SC: @officialsnails

Music Monday: Filter PR

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Today's Music Monday is curated by the team over at Filter PR! Filter PR was founded to help both upcoming & already established musicians gain mass exposure through various media outlets. They work with all the artists on today's playlist and continue to grow they are set to have a big 2015!

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