Music Mondays: Jorge Meijas

Jorge Meijas is a talented multi-tasker - balancing university studies, writing for Nest HQ, event planning, and managing an artist, he's proven himself to be a mature and progressive presence in the dance music community. Read on for more about Jorge, and listen to his playlist on Spotify

Hey Jorge - thanks for talking with us! Can you give us a little background on you and your role in the music industry? 

Hey - Beyond glad to be doing this so pleasure is all mine! I'm a mere 20-year old NYC student working on my undergrad as I try to find a balance between managing Aire Atlantica, event curation in NYC, and the accounting field. 

What first drew you to the music industry? How did you get started? 

Growing up I was always into the punk-rock and pop-punk scene (tbh who wasn't) but it wasn't till 2011 that my oldest brother introduced me to that mainstage-EDM sound. The next few years I would spend hours browsing forums or zippyshare trying to find quality, yet obscure, electro and French house songs for me to mix in my bedroom after being inspired by Nero’s 2011 Essential Mix. It was moreso the virtual crate digging aspect that really drew me in. The years that followed I dabbled with some production but found myself getting frustrated more often than not. Then roughly 1.5 years ago, with a little bit of luck and the right timing, I began writing for NestHQ. Almost half a year after that I began managing Aire Atlantica with my close-friend Brian and then as the months went by I also ended up working at MagnumPR handling some PR campaigns. After realizing PR isn't quite for me, I left to focus on school, management, and some other personal projects I have in the works. It's been through the help of people like Brian, Nathan from NestHQ, and David from Magnum that I have always found a way to keep moving forward.

Are there any challenges that are specific to artist management? What led you to pursuing management?

From personal experience, management is the one path that requires you to be a jack of all trades. You need to have an understanding of PR, booking, marketing, law, etc etc to make sure no one ends up trying to screw you over in one way or another. Similarly, the more time you spend making friends from every corner of the industry the easier your life will be down the road. It was the idea of needing to understand the big picture and who contributes to it that drew me into managing.

Where do you hope to be in your career in the next 5 years?

Hopefully within the next five years I'm running a few events year round in NYC while still being able to focus on management and climbing the corporate ladder. We have a few exciting projects within the team that we are working on and I am helping develop an app with my friend that we hope will bridge the gaps across the current streaming services.

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