Music Monday: Chelsea Morrisey


Music PR is an art form in and of itself. For every email received, every track posted on a company website or blog, there's a team working hard to get it there. Meet Chelsea Morrisey- an LA PR woman aficionado who's life takes her from Oregon to here in Los Angeles. Working exclusively with artists such as Years & Years, Ryn Weaver, Miami Horror and all artists on the Vitalic Noise roster, Morrissey doesn't take work lightly. Honing in her talents with people, her love of music, and all around wonderful personality, it's no wonder she's done so well in an industry thirsty for a genuine smile.

We recently had the chance to do a spit-fire question round to get to know a little more about the illustrious Ms. Morrisey. Read her answers below and listen to a selection of tracks she's currently working on:

1) Why work in the music industry? Because I love music. Why else? There are plenty of other industries that provide more job security and less bullshit.
2) What was the first band/artist that made you want to work in the industry? Myself!  I struggled for years and years as a touring musician without the right team around me to take it to the next level. It feels great to be providing musicians with the kind of support network needed to take them out of the practice space and build careers.
3) What's the first band/artist you connected with? I'd love to say it was some cool techno artist, but truth be told Mariah Carey was my guiding light.
4) What do you do and who do you work with now? I'm a music publicist. This year i've had the pleasure of doing campaigns for Years & Years, Ryn Weaver, Miami Horror, Safia, Cosmo's Midnight and many others!
5) How did you first find or meet the artist(s) you work with? Many late nights. Too many really. My head hurts thinking about it!
6) What's coming up for Cut Above PR? More and more great releases from cutting edge artists around the globe.
7)What are you hoping to accomplish in the next year? Get some sleep. :)