Music Monday: Bayonet Records

d4p6E_EuFor label owners Katie Garcia and Dustin Payseur, Bayonet Records is more than just a marriage of interests. The couple, who met through work at Brooklyn's Carpark Records, immediately began the label after being wed. With a roster of Frankie Cosmos, Jerry Paper, and Payseur's already buzzy band Beach Fossils, this indie, garage pop label is on the precipice of greatness.

While we've predominately covered smoother, electronic acts on Music Monday, today we're doing something a bit differently. It's important to us that we highlight companies, labels, and people that exemplify what we think is important: teamwork. It takes a village to make a record after all. Bayonet encompasses all of that- the drive to succeed, the inherent love of music, and ability to get work done. Take a listen to a sampling of what the label has to offer below: