Trump's Effect on Markets and The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur: What's Happening in Finance Today

A selection of interesting and relevant financial news from Tuesday, January 17th, 2017. 

Sallie Krawcheck shares with Inc that "the shifts in technology--and the resulting increases in opportunity that are afoot--simply make it easier for each of us to bring these qualities to bear and take advantage of the handful of converging forces that are ushering in this great era of female entrepreneurialism.”

Will the “strong dollar” be a positive or negative for the United States this year? Find out what Carlyle Group’s David Rubenstein thinks on Fortune.

Citigroup claims the Trump-win spike in the market may fade fast – learn more on MarketWatch. At Yahoo, analysts say that Trump's policy will determine the future of financial stocks.

Uber may be facing serious competition from Lyft, which is set to become profitable by next year. Read about the ride-sharing company on Recode.

The UK is set for a “hard” BrexitBBC details what Prime Minster Theresa May has planned.  

With the inauguration this week, learn about what a Donald Trump presidency may mean for your industry, on Inc.

On Bloomberg, an excellent longread on Snap, Inc.’s impending IPO, and its culture of secrecy.