App Review: Stash

Want to start investing your money, but confused about where to begin? Stash can help you get started. Touting itself as a way to "empower a new generation of investors", the service allows users to purchase pre-bundled ETFs, or exchange-traded funds. Much has been said about the positives of investing in ETFs, particularly for millennials

Encrypted with 256-bit security, this SEC-registered investment advisor app allows users to start investing with as little as $5, and is quick and easy to sign up for. The company also offers a business option, giving small business owners and their teams a simple way to begin investing. Groups can start Stash accounts for free, at a low cost to their employer, and Stash allows the option for an employer to contribute to an employee's account—a cost-efficient way to provide investment benefits, incentivizing more talent to work for small businesses. 

For singular users looking to build their investment portfolios, Stash offers pre-bundled ETFs based on personality profiles and personal beliefs. Some of the featured profiles and their corresponding ETFs include: The Activist, The Techie, The Globetrotter, and The Trendsetter. 

Stash helps its users learn how to manage their investment for the future, providing in-app financial education tailored to your personal interests and goals. For those looking to get started saving for the future, Stash is an approachable introduction to financial advising—great for any millennial interested in starting managing their money.

Learn more about Stash here. 

Words: Staley Sharples