Setting up a Chart of Accounts – including historical transaction categorization
We’ll put together a list of all your business bank accounts and then keep it organized by categorizing the expenses and revenues.

We believe that bookkeeping is extremely important and more than just numbers because it provides the base for your financial records. We’ll make sure everything is in order as we track your daily transactions.

Tax Preparation
We don’t file taxes because it’s not our specialty. However, we’ll prepare the information into a packet and refer you to a great CPA Firm.

Financial Statements
We will compile your profit and loss statement to see how much you made, how much you spent, and what’s leftover. We will also put together your balance sheet to see your assets, liabilities, and owner draws.

Commercial Banking Relationship
Not sure where to set up your business account? We have a good relationship with a commercial bank and can refer you to create an account with reasonable fees.